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English version of the configuration tool. The text is still under review.

all options with a usual time of manufacturing (3-5 weeks)
all options
reduced options, but a short time of manufacturing

Prebuilt machines are nearly assembled and can be shipped within 3 working days after receiving the full payment. Prebuilt machines having the following options/properties:

- 2 x 100 Watt Heating catridges (heatup time ~12-13 minutes)
- boiler isolation (2mm steel and 10mm needle felt)
- Tankeinschub (tank slayer)
- joystick valves
- steam valve: left, water valve: right
- 1 portafilter (2 spouts)
- 1 set of adjusted filters (type  B)
- color of the symbols: silver, except: gold for the white machine, black fo the machine with satin-finishing, white for the machine with mirror surface
- pressure gauges: white, except the red, black and satin-finished machine

Additional options/properties can be choosen by the user.



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direct water line connection

In case of more than 2 bar we suggest to use a pressure reducer and limit the water pressure to 2 bar.

The Xenia coffee machine is having for the in. and outlet threads with 1/8G. If needed you can choose  here adapters to fit to your connecton to the water circuit.


pressure reducer with a gauge | 57 €


Adapter 1/8M -> 3/8M | 2,20 €


Adapter 1/8M -> 1/8M | 2,20 €


Adapter 3/8M -> 3/8M | 2,20 €


Adapter 1/8M -> 3/8W | 2,20 €


pipe 17cm 1/8 -> 1/8 | 4,20 €


pipe 27cm 1/8 -> 1/8 | 4,79 €


pipe 100cm 1/8 -> 1/8 | 7,77 €


pipe 100cm 1/8 -> 1/8 | 9,94 €


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Xenia: valves and portafilter


Both versions having a nozzfle with 2 holes and the tubes/hoses are 'noburn'.

rotary wheels | included

joystickvalves | 78 €

The joystick valves can also be opened in finer increments and they lock at the outest position to have both hands free for steaming.

Steam and valve position

Depending on personal preference, the steam or water tap can be placed to the left or right. By default, the valve for steam is to the left and the valve for water is mounted to the right. Reasons for a different choice could be the place of installation of the machine: If there is limited space to the left side of the machine, you may want to have the frequently used valve (steam) on the right side. Or, if you are left-handed and use the left hand to carefully open the valve and use the right to hold the milk jug for frothing, then the steam wand may be better at the right side of the machine


steam valve left

steam valve right

handles of the joystickvalves

Each option/price is always including 2 handles/knobs

black plastic | included

german oak | 64 €

olive wood | 64 €

african blackwood+maple | 66 €


One portafiler with plastic handle is included. Other portafilter and handles can be choosen.

1 spout + blindfilter

2 spouts + blindfilter

handles portafilter

For each portafilter is one handle made of black plastic included.

black plastic| included

German oak | 66 Euro

olive wood | 66 Euro

African blackwood+marple | 66 Euro

additional portalfilter

no additional portafilter

additional portafilter, 1 spout | 27 €

additional portafilter, 2 spouts | 27 €

additional portalfilter, bottemless | 26 €

handles for additional portafilter


black plastic | included


German oak | 66 Euro


olive wood | 66 Euro


African blackwood+marple | 66 Euro


By default the 1st portafilter will include 2 adapted filters and 1 blindfilter.

The size of the adapted filters can be choosen.

filter set A (SI6) | included

filter set (SI7) | included

Filter set A contains a single-filter with a height of 19mm and a double filter with a height of 22mm.  Filter set B contains a single filter with a height of 24mm and a double filter with a height of 25mm. For the The filters of set B is more coffee powder needed than for set  A. The result: the espresso will be more intensive.

The filter of both sets are adapted to each other, what means that it is possible to switch from the single to the double filter without changing the coarseness of the grinder.

additional filter sets

additional filter set A (ZSSA) | 8 €

additional filter set B (ZSSB) | 8 €


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Xenia: useful accessories

  • tamper


beech black | 36 €


olive wood | 76 €


olive wood, black base | 93 €


tamper, German oak | 76 €


tamper, African blackwood+maple | 87 €

  • milk jugs/pitcher

pitcher, stainless steel, 500ml | 15 €

  • cleaning tool for the brewgroup

Espazzola, black| 29 €

  • elevation for the cups

elevation, 1 cup | 25 €


elevation, 2 cups | 35 €

  • knockboxes

mirror, wooden handle | 103,60 €


black, wooden handle | 111,60 €


mirror, metal handle | 112,60 €


black, metal handle | 124,60 €


knockbox, mirror, Xenia-size | 206,30 €

  • Tassen

The cups are having a good quality and the manufacturer is Nuova Point in Italy. The weight of the espresso cups is around 150 Gramm.


espresso cup | 6,20 €


Cappuccino cup | 7,60 €


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Xenia: final step

  • shipment

For shipping to this region it is possible to refund the German VAT (19% of the total sum).
The fee for the needed documents will be only 55 €.

Refund 19% German VAT | 55 €

Sticker "Made in Germany" | 0 €

The sticker is attached with very light glue and can be removed easily without a trace.

  • name & adress


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Xenia: technology

heating catridges

no heating catridges

2x 100 Watt | 54 €

2x150 Watt | 71€

The heating cartridges used in the brew group can be chosen in various levels of performance. If the option with two 100-watt cartridges is choosen they bring the machine up to temperature in about 12-13 minutes.
Alternatively, there are cartridges with 150 watts. The higher the power, the faster the brewing unit is ready for operation (9-10 minutes).
No heating catridges: 30-35 minutes (like many other machines)

  • boiler isolation

The boiler isolation consists of 10 mm needled felt (inner layer) and is having outside a shell made of 2mm stainless steel. It saves energy at ~8% up to 12%. Moreover it is a good additional protection for the electric/electronic devices.

no boiler isolation

with boiler isolation | 58 €

  • brewgroup gasket

By default the Xenia is having a common group gasket made of black NBR. Optionally there is a gasket made of blue silcone. It is longer lasting and softer.

NBR gasket

gasket, blue silicone | 8 €

  • plumbing (direct water line connection)

no plumbing

with plumbing | 96 €

  • pump

  • Actually we are mounting the EP from Ceme/Ulka. It is our intention to offer later a rotary pump as upgrade option.

Vibrationspumpe EP4


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Xenia: grinder

  • grinders

grinder X50, black | 440 €

grinder X50, white | 440 €

grinder X50, light-grey | 440 €

grinder X50, chrome | 490 €

Is you order also coffee, we can setup the grinder to the matching coarseness and grinding time for the single filter. It will allow you to use the machines immediatly without finding the right setting first (may be only small adjustments are needed)

As we need time to adapt the grinder settings, the shipment can be delayed by up to 2 days.

  • coffeebeans

1 kg good coffeebeans | 19 Euro


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Xenia: Design

Xenia | 1560 €


stainless steel, mirror

stainless steel, satin | 46 €

The next facades are having a special coating, called 'eloxal': It is powder coating with an additional layer of glace making the surface a bit mate with a touch of brilliance and insensitive against finger prints.

black eloxal-coating | 98 €

white eloxal-coating | 98 €

anthracite eloxal-coating | 98 €

mate gold | 98 €

red white eloxal-coating | 137 €

rust coating | 167 €

For the eloxal-coating it can happen, that there are very few and very small dots in not directly visible places.

driptray cover

driptray cover, mirror (ASP)

driptray cover, white | 42 €

driptray cover, black | 42 €

driptray cover, anthracite | 42 €

sliding carriage for the tank / side loading tank

As an alternative the machine can be supplied with partially open side panels and a slide which accomodates the tank but also closes the machine at the sides. This variant is designed especially for kitchens with hanging cupboards, where the tank cannot be removed upwards without pulling the machine out from under the cabinets.

sliding carriage for the tank / side loading tank

The machine is supplied with partially open side panels and a slide which accomodates the tank but also closes the machine at the sides. This variant is designed especially for kitchens with hanging cupboards, where the tank cannot be removed upwards without pulling the machine out from under the cabinets.

no tank sledge

stainless steel mirror finishing | 57 €

stainless steel mirror finishing | 57 €

stainless steel satin finishing | 65 €

black eloxal-coating | 88 €

white eloxal-coating | 88 €

anthracite eloxal-coating | 88 €

sliding carriage, red eloxal-coating | 106 €

sliding carriage, rust coating | 106 €

Color of symbols, logo and lettering







  • pressure gauges

white dial

black dial


no railing

stainless steel mirror | 25 €

black eloxal-coating | 45 €

white eloxal-coating | 45 €

anthracite eloxal-coating | 45 €

red eloxal-coating | 49 €

rust | 49 €


If the signal lights are switched off they are all mate/milky white.  

When the machine is working usually only the upper light is on. The next picture is showing the default configuration. As it is not easy to take pictures from lights, we improved the visibility by image processing. In reality the lights are more discreet.


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